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High School Physics Club

  1. Aug 26, 2009 #1
    I am getting ready to start my sophomore year in High School. I am very interested in Physics but cannot take the class until next year. I have had Honors Bio as a freshman and am taking Honors Chem this year. I have also had Johns Hopkins CTY courses in Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics over the last two summers.

    The clubs at my school are started by students. I would like any advice you may have about starting a High School Physics Club.

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    - hold an inaugural meeting and formalize some positions (president, treasurer etc.) so that time you put into the club can help you with future applications
    - contact local univerisities and see if any graduate students would be interested in coming to give talks on the research they do (sometimes a pizza lunch bribe helps in this regard)
    - select a teacher mentor, preferably one who has an interest in physics and is perhaps a member of a high school physics teachers society
    - some universities have high school outreach programs that you may want to look into
    - some universities have projects that recruit high schools to assist with research (I know for a while, my alma matter had a cosmic ray detection array set up on various school roofs in the city)
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    In addition to those listed above, you and other members can do tutoring, which also looks nice on college apps.
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    Thanks this is just what I was looking for. I did not think of the university options. The University of New Hampshire is about 15 minutes from my school, do you know anything about their physics program.

    I would still like any other advice.
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