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High School Student failing pyhsics - could somebody please helpme w/ my homework?

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    High School Student failing pyhsics --- could somebody please helpme w/ my homework?

    i am so desperate and i have no idea how to interpret anything let alone be able to solve a problem. help would be very much appreciated. i am an A student with an 58% in this class. i really need the help.
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    Doc Al

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    Hi manda and welcome to PF,

    First things first, calm down, things are rarely as desperate as they at the time.

    Secondly, sure if you want help with your homework you've come to the right place. We have https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=152" dedicated to helping students with their homework problems. Feel free to post your homework questions there, but please note that you are expected to put some effort in to solving the problems yourself and show your attempted effort before we can help you.

    I've never been terribly good and welcoming people, I'm sure the proper welcoming committee will arrive shortly, with a selection of fish :wink:

    Edit: Doc beat me to it, but my reply was longer :tongue2:
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    thanks i will try there.

    (your welcome was very nice)
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    Doc Al

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    And sweeter, too! :!!)
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    nobody has helped me though :(
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    i had a lot of trouble when I started physics too. I figured I'm a high 90's average student and I excel at math too, so therefore physics is going to be easy, but nope, not easy at all.

    sure there is alot of math involved, but I find it's not like math one bit. Math, I could conceptualize a whole problem in my head, and figure an approximate answer before I begin to tackle the problem. I found it impossible to do this with physics. Keeping track of all the variables mentally, and somehow relating them is near impossible for me.

    I started slow, but things started picking up quite a bit once I got the 'jist' of physics. Instead of scribbling numbers left and right, I made sure I labeled everything carefully and descriptively. Instead of mentally conceptualizing, I drew detailed diagrams of the problem.

    It was extremely frustrating at first, but I knew that for me to be good at something, I must practice, and alot I did. I did hours and hours of practice questions that were not assigned by the teacher. I didn't have to do that, but those extra hours are paying off now.
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    You only waited 20 minutes. This is an all volunteer site. People help when they have time and when they see a problem they know how to do. We have many dedicated helpers who WILL help you. They cannot act immediately though! (Believe it or not, our homework helpers are, indeed, human...I think.)

    Don't worry. Your question should be answered within 24 hours.
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    You will need alot of help then, this forum would not be appropriate for that. You should get more help from your teacher, and if the teacher doesn't have the time then hire a tutor.
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    If you have a 58%, HIRE A TUTOR!! Seriously. Gpa is important if you want to go to college. And go on amazon, find a good book and get its complete solution manual!

    Being good at math really doesn't help in physics. I have a friend that got a 800 on both the SAT math 1&2. He dropped my intro mechanics course with a C.

    I would say that I'm pretty good at math myself( got all A's and 1B). And it comes easy for me. But I find physics just plain hard. I had to study 2hrs a day just to barely get a A-( so it can be done as you see). Contrast this with the amount of time I spend in math( 1-3hrs/week).
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