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News High School Suspensions: Politics or Policy?

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    http://rwor.org/a/023/thousands-walk-out-la-high-schools.htm [Broken]

    I'm having trouble finding actual news reports on it but I was just listening to the radio news about this. Maybe there will be more tomorrow.
    Apparently one or more students in LA area high schools are being suspended for passing out fliers to promote the "World Can't Wait" walk out with out permission.
    Oddly enough there was already a walk out on Nov 2nd that high school students walked out of school to attend. That much I can find in stories but I heard that the previous walk out was actually supported by more than one school where the faculty participated. Only now are students being punished.
    [edit: I forgot to add that I was reading as I was typing this and the suspensions are due to the Nov 2nd walk out.]

    Do you think this has to do with politics or just policy?
    Remember we're talking about one of the most liberal cities in the country next to Frisco.
    I can't believe that any high school would condone students walking out of class in the middle of the day to join a protest. Perhaps the commentator I was listening to confused University supported walk outs with high school walk outs.
    At any rate, while I think they may be going a bit far in putting one of these students under house arrest I do agree with the decision of any high school to not condone a walk out.
    I'm not sure if there is more going on here than is being reported by these sources. It seems as though they aren't telling the whole story. It's illegal, as far as I know, for police to release information on the disposition of minors who have been arrested so that may be why there is such a lack of information in regards to his case.

    Other than that there are reports that students have been locked in their class rooms and even physically assaulted by faculty when attempting to leave campus for the walk out. This is obviously going too far.
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