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High School Textbooks

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    What are some of the physics and calculus textbooks in common use in American high schools today?

    I have this fantasy that I want to finish out my career as a H.S teacher rather than an aging cube jockey. I'm pretty sure I understand the material at the high school level, or at least can bring it back, but I should read some actual textbooks to be sure.
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    High school books are all about memorization, they are an absolute joke and awfully dangerous stuff if taken too seriously - move on to college level textbooks and never look back.

    This is a great intro physics book
    You should just plow into it straight away, it'll motivate all the trigonometry and calculus that you need as you come to it, and you can refer to this
    if you get stuck or would like more background or just want to study it.

    These, or their equivalents are both more or less the most basic calculus and physics books that go from the beginning, & do not really assume prerequisites (or develop them as needed). Amazon reviews can be a helpful guide.

    Before doing any of this though, or concurrently, I'd recommend you watch (or work through with pen and paper, because it uses a lot of math, which it develops) the mechanical universe (all on youtube or online)


    Here's a good sample


    It'll probably be the final straw in encouraging you to quit your job and go back to college :wink: Keep me updated if you get into it.
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    Bolb, that's good stuff. Thanks for the tips.
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