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High-Speed Bipolar-Voltage Gate Drive Circuit

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    Hello All,

    I'm currently working on a design for a high speed, half-bridge circuit for driving high voltage (greater than 300V) inductive loads with less than 200ns pulses for a research project. I need to be able to switch the MOSFETS on and off at nanosecond speeds, which I have done successfully using single switch drive circuits. However, I am considering a design where the MOSFET gate driver can pull the gate voltage negative to force the MOSFET to turn off even faster. So far, my best speed was 700 picoseconds for turn on slewing 500V, and about 25-50ns on the turn off (using the single switch version, with a 0 to 15V gate drive with a STGF3NC120HD IGBT)

    I've attached a proposed rough schematic for a -15V to +15V gate drive circuit and wanted to get your input. Are there any standard ways of doing this (I realize that most modern MOSFETs can turn off pretty quick without needing to do this) but I need to push the switching speed as fast as possible.

    Jason O

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