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High speed electric motor

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    I'm looking for a electric motor that works at speeds higher then 10000RPM and 0.2 N*m. Which companies manufacture such high speed motors?
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    I don't know for certain, but some hard drives have motors in that speed range. Unfortunately I don't know any specifics on how to obtain one without obtaining it yourself. (ie. deconstruction)

    Also I am not sure how much torque a hard drive motor is capable of. Good place to start though!
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    10,000 RPM is nothing, I have a few brushless DC motors capable of 50,000 or more (depending on load) and they have high-torque too. They work at about 12 volts and draw 15 amps continuously. Weigh under 80 grams too. I use them for RC airplanes.

    The trick is you need a digital speed controller for these, you can't just supply a potential.
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    What is the manufacturer name of those motors?
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    There are lots.

    I had 1 Himax and they're good quality but expensive. There are also some Chinese brands that work well and are much cheaper. Have to wait 2 weeks for shipping though.
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