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High speed train aerodynamics

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    Hi, can anyone please tell me any good book on the subject, even any research paper will do, we are actually doing summer project in which we are estimating the drag coefficient on the bluff body like train Coach, using commercial softwares like Fluent n Gambit.Please if anyone has the info regarding the high speeed aerodynamics then pls share it with me

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    I hope the OP wants to do something more elaborated. I still don't see where is the aerodynamics in your link. There are only tables and coefficients.

    I am not an expert in hs train aerodyn, but as far as I know there is currently one issue of interest. HS trains get usually in troubles when passing through tunnels. That's because of the compression wave which travels in the air standing inside the tunnel casued when the train gets in. That wave breaks the aerodynamic performance of the train. Even though the wave may travel faster than the train, the successive reflections at the end of the tunnel flow again over the train. In fact that's a nice problem of propagation along characteristics and Riemann invariants.
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    thnks for info clausius
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