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High Speed Valve

  1. Aug 25, 2009 #1
    Hello everyone
    Iam doing my M.S in aerospace engineering at Chennai, India.
    I require a high-speed operating pneumatic valve that can open and close more than 200 times a second.
    Kindly allow me to know if it is possible to acquire such a valve with these additional specifications also:
    > 2 way
    > pressure 12bar
    > mass flow rate 0.03 kg/sec
    Thanking you in advance.
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    I've never heard of anything that high performance. Sorry.
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    Maybe some sort of rotary disk valve on a high-speed spindle?
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    I am trying to think of what application would need such a valve. Do you want to share the valve's requirement?
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    I have no affiliation to these companies.
    smc has valves that can do 100 cycles per second,
    and i found one under "kelly" company name that had a 1 ms on or off time

    and to answer the question about why would anyone want to go that fast,
    do you drive a car? the valves in your car go that fast.
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