High temperature (~950 C) heating blanket

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This is actually very simple - as a former SkunkWorks guy, like mentioned above there are rigs...but such a device is actually quite simple to build - - -it ain’t rocket science. Just trapped heat.

If you take Combustion out of the equation, and have a closed box the O2 will be used up very quickly. Just four sides, one being the material you want to test. The key is insulation of the box. Make it airtight and well insulated and put a in a NiChrome rod with an electrical source. Add a thermostat that is good to the desired temp (that may be your biggest problem to surmount) and flip the ON switch. You might be able to do this with a common clothes iron (with a 1750F thermostat mod) if get a cheap one w/o any modern electronics or sensors and too much plastic.

PS - DO NOT give the modified iron to the local Thrift Shop when you are done, destroy the beast!
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