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High temperature creep

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    There's a couple of threads on high temperature materials, so I thought I start one on high temperature creep, which is a critical property for HT materials.

    Here is a great paper on some fundamentals.

    Effect of Grain Size, Grain Shape and Subgrain Size on High Temperature Creep Behaviour
    Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad - 500258

    Def Sci J, Vol 35, No 2, April 1985, pp 201-217

    http://publications.drdo.gov.in/gsdl/collect/defences/index/assoc/HASH389a/d519766f.dir/doc.pdf [Broken]

    and another

    Observations, Theories, and Predictions of High-Temperature Creep Behavior
    http://www.sc.doe.gov/bes/dms/publi...Elevated Temp/04-Wilshire, Metall Mater T.pdf

    I'll add more information later as I have time.
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