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High voltage magnetic field

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    Good day every one,
    My name is Thebe and I like to play around with low voltage electronic devices, currently I have an electronic system that I am trying to build on 24 volts but the problem is that some of the wires in my circuit must run next to a very high voltage cable so I am concern about the electro-magnetic field from the high voltage cable that it might affect my system.
    I would therefore kindly like to propose for assistance from anyone with the knowledge about electro-magnetic field.

    Below is a brief explanation of my circuit:

    I first connect a negative terminal of a 24v battery with a wire to the negative connector of the my device and then connect the + terminal of the battery with a 100m long insulated wire and run it just next(5mm) to the 3kv overhead cable for a 50m distance and then allow the cable make a u-turn back and this time it is not running next to the 3kv cable but it is now running under the ground until it reaches the + connector of my electronic system.

    So what I am trying to find out is that is it possible for the magnetic field of the overhead cable to burn my wire or short circuit my system?

    Please take a look at the drawing from the link below before you answer me so that you can understand my question better.

    http://www.thebesonic.com/Magnetic%20fied.htm" [Broken]

    Your help will be highly appreciated.
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    That looks quite dangerous, because of the electric shock hazard involved. And it may be illegal, since you may be violating the Utility's right of way for its equipment (not sure on that one). The magnetic field coupling (which will occur, BTW) should be the least of your worries.

    Why in the world are you trying to do this? To steal power from the Utility perhaps?
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    Firstly, I am not a thief- I don't steal, secondly, I have no intention of electrifying anyone because during the installation the power will be off with the utility's knowledge.

    Talking about electric shocks- why should there be electric shocks when my conductor is not in contact with the 3kv cable because it is insulated? or do you mean that 3kv cable's magnetic field will cause this shocks you talking about?
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    5mm spacing from a 3kV over head conductor sounds extremely dangerous to me...

    Are you going to leave your wire there when they turn the powerline back on?

    If so, I'd stand well away from your apparatus... it won't be the magnetic field that fries everything, it'll be the arc from the powerline.
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    how about I increase the thickness of the insulator?
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    So the utility knows what you are doing? Then ask them about safety considerations. You have not given us enough knowledge to be able to help, and we are not going to offer opinions that could get people hurt.

    Thread locked.
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