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High Voltage Supply

  1. Sep 14, 2008 #1
    Hi guys, I have been wanting to many electrical experiments over the last few years that need a high voltage power supply, till now I havnt found one suitable for me and thus wondering if anyone here on the PF has any suggestions. I dont exactly have a large budget, In fairness I would like to make my own out of old parts of stuff, when I say low budget i mean less than £70 (Im quite strapped for cash but Im only in secondary school so you wouldnt expect to be loaded) even thats a bit of a push, Obviously in the understand of the risks and precuasions I would have to take. Thanks guys :-)
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    Define "High voltage".
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    Ah of course sorry about that russ, Im thinking about 20kV range. I should state as well that im looking to run this from UK mains 240V AC 50 Hz Thanks
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