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Higher Dimensions

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    Let's have example dimensions for what I am going to say, the 3rd (ours) and 4th (time). Now firstly our dimension has infinite frames of the second dimension at every foint and that second dimension having a frame of the first at every point in it, and so on. The fourth dimension [time] contains a frame of the 3rd dimension at every point in it, also saying that the 5th through 10th dimensions are time travelling dimension:they travel through their previous dimension. I am not sure how to put this into equation but let me think: D^2=D^1*i, D^3=D^2*i, and so forth. however, a dimension takes up EVERYTHING, so it is inside a higher dimension. the 10th dimension is EVERYTHING. Oh my...
    I have come up with another addition to this in my sleep: The only way to visualize a 4th dimensional axis is a 3rd dimension axis warped on itself: every time you move you see a different 3rd dimensional frame, as in our dimension: every time you move you see a different 2 dimensional frame, and so on.
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