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I Higher order derivatives rules

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    Does anyone know why and when this equation holds? I have searched online but cannot find the reason or the rules for the higher order derivatives.

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    Can you provide some context of where you found this equation and what you were investigating?

    It looks like ordinary power rules applied to derivatives ie derivative chain rule.


    There's a section further into the article talking about generalizations of the rule:

    Here's a presentation where they use something like this for trig derivatives:

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    Ray Vickson

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    The first equality is easy: the ##(4M+4)##th derivative of ##F## is just the 4th derivative of the ##(4M)##th derivative. The second equality is false, in general, because there are many counterexamples. The ##(4M+4)##th derivative is usually not a constant (##= (-4)^M## ) times the 4th derivative.
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