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Homework Help: Highest Sustained Temperature Mankind Can Produce?

  1. Jan 17, 2005 #1
    What is the highest sustained temperature mankind can produce and how is it done? I've searched Google and Wikipedia already and I came here hoping to find the answer.
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    I still think thermonuclear devices (like bombs) produce the highest temperature.Round 10^{8}K.The same temperature as in the core of the Sun.

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    Sustain as in, keep the hot object in a container ?
    Then i think it would be the experimental fusion reactor which is in UK i think. A long time has passed since i ve read about this and i can faintly remember now but if memory serves correctly, the kept a fusion reaction inside a metal torus shaped container by the help of a magnetic field. The plasma kept going in circles inside the torus.
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    Thanks for the help but I've found my answer here under "Science And Technology" then "Amazing Science" and finally, "Highest Man-Made Temperature".
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    Haaaa thats old. :tongue:
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