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Highjack Hostages

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    Cyber Extortion-Randsomware...

    BTW, if you pay me US$200, I will not post any more irrelevant equations on PF! :biggrin:
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    Yeah, too bad they encrypt the files poorly. If they encrypted the files using military quality algorithms then this would be a competely different story.
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    Lately this is the hot topic but what I don't understand someting. Are they requesting that the money be sent to a swiss bank account? This sounds like kidnapping a child then telling the parents to put the money in account no. xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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    how do they kindnap the file ? DO they sniff it from net or do they break into a box and move is somewhere else ?
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    Many ways, the whole objective is to have the file(s) in a position where you have to pay to get it back. It can be encrypting the file, removing it from its location, etc.
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