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Highlighting in linux

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    i am using linux these days. i am facing with a problem regarding highlighting text in any pdf. In windows, we can do this using Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader(there may be more softwares). But I couldn't find any software which could do this in linux.
    One of my friends suggested me that I can use GIMP to edit the PDF like an image. But this method is not very friendly as I can't read the pdf simulaneously.

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    i just posted the question... and i found one answer myself :)

    there is a software 'Xournal', which can be used for annotating pdf. i just checked the highlighting feature, and it works fine.

    I'm using ubuntu, and installed xournal using the repositories.

    hope this information might help some of you... and if you come to know about some other softwares, please share the info, it is always better to have alternatives...

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    ghostscript can read a pdf (as well as postscript) and output the raw text for the whole document.
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    how about if the pdf has symbols(those beautiful mathematics symbols)?
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    Noticed I've got pdfedit & pdfstudio which can do highlighting. This is one of those issues where had planned to fight acrobat pro with wine but apparently that need didn't materialize after got those 2 (the bloated acrobat reader is actually "drag enough" :rolleyes: ).
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