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Highschool Project. Please Help.

  1. May 2, 2010 #1
    So I have been spectulating science projects for roughly a year. Doing calculations from how money I will need from materials to specifics.
    I have tried to do Particle Accelerators, Force Fields, and a model to present how time is stretched (Einstein ;) )

    My question is what other ideas do you guys/girls have that could be interesting and not simple Baking soda + vinegar stuff.

    Please take in to account that I am a sophmore, and the income I have for materials are fairly low. So propose ideas!
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    wow! please enlighten me on how to make a homemade particle accelerator :P

    you could try building a motor from scratch and powering a car made of various materials, that's what I did for a science project, not too interesting I know. you could take it a little further and make a homemade radio or remote control car
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    Particle Accelerator is quite easy to make from materials from around the house or junkyard. The only obstacle is to find a single proton....hahahaha...

    I was thinking more along the lines of physics, theoretical, or particle. I really want 1st place, so I am going with something over the time.

    That's why I'm still trying the force field.
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    When you say "force field" do you mean that in the Physics sense, or the sci-fi sense? For the accelerator, how do you obtain the magnets and the means to manipulate them from stuff around the house?!

    Hmmm, I did use LN2 , an ohmeter, and some copper wire to test conductivity at room temp vs. cool, vs. heated with a flame in grade school. I didn't get much in the way of meaningful results, but it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I did get an A.

    You could run a double-slit experiment I suppose...
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    A force field in physics-sci-fi sense. It IS possible to make 1, lot of electricity is needed.

    For the accelerator, you would have to buy magnet's from ebay or some science supplier, manipulating them is quite easy, run current threw them. Though your house doesn't have enough power, so you would have to use roughly a block worth of power.
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    Yes... but you need to position them perfectly, and manipulate that power flow according to some measure of feedback. You'd need insertion methods, and more.

    As for the force field, how about building a Van De Graff generator?
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    Correct, but first you must calculate the basics. Of course you will have to place magnets perfectly IF your building a cyclotron. A syncrotron would be much easier to build, less expensive, and you could be fairly inaccurate with the magnets.

    The VDG isn't a force field but rather a electric generator.
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    make a tesla coil
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    You could build a http://www.considine.net/dgroski/sscope/" [Broken]
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