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Highway Curves

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    I'm having a real problem trying to work out this question:

    A crate of eggs is located in the middle of the flatbed of a pickup truck. The truck is negotiating a curve in the road that may be considered as an arc of a circle of radius 35 m. if the coefficient of static friction between the flatbed and the crate is 0.66, with what maximum speed the truck can negotiate the curve if the crate is not to slide out during cornering?

    Can anyone help me?

    PhysicsDud :eek:
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    Hi, just letting you know that if this is homework, there is a special section in this forum for this: https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=35 [Broken]
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    I'll help you start off. Since the truck is making a uniform circular potion, the centripetal acceleration is v²/r, meaning the road exerts a force mv²/r on the truck. This triggers the static friction force between the flatbed and the crate.
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    a(c) = v^2/r = v^2/35

    You want to find the maximum 'acceleration' your friction can give you, and set it equal to that centripetal acceleration to find the corresponding velocity.

    Mu=Friction Force/Normal Force

    Now back to original.

    v=15 m/s
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