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Hii everyone!! this is steve

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    Excited to become a part of this community.
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    I am there for asking as well as answering.
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    What is the Fourier transform of (sin(at))/pi*t?
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    Welcome to the PF, Steve.

    The New Member Introductions forum is just for brief introductory posts. If you have schoolwork type questions, please post in the Homework Help forums, and fill out the Homework Help Template that you are provided when starting a new thread in the schoolwork forums. Please be sure to fill out the sections on the Relevant Equations, and show your Attempt at a Solution. If you do that, you will get good tutorial help on your schoolwork questions here.

    If you have a technical question about your work, or general technical questions, do a forum search to see if it has been discussed already, and if not, start a new thread in the appropriate technical forum. Please always post links to the reading you have been doing about your question -- that helps us to see where you are in your exploration of the subject.

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    Also, please do not create a new post for each sentence, I see you created 3 one sentence posts in 2 minutes.
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