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Hijacking thread

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    when and where is allowed?

    For example do you think I'm allwed to hijack this thread now? :rolleyes:
    It was very nice of Pengwuino when he let me to do that, but I think I still needs the mentor's permission!
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    No response yet? :rolleyes:

    I think that means "Do what the hell you want to do, but don't expect me to give you the permission". something like "Suppose I'm not see what you're doing!" :zzz:
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    This kind of 'issue' shouldn't really need mentor's to sort out. More appropriate would be the original poster PMing the hijacker.

    In more extreme cases, where many people hijack a thread, a post by the OP should be done to indicate he/she/it's annoyance at such intrusion. If not, THEN mentoring action is required.

    How about giving them some time to respond? Rather than being rather impatient?
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    If you think a thread is being hijacked, even if you were not the originator, REPORT the post! The "Report Bad Post" button on the lower left-hand side of each post is there for a reason.

    I STRONGLY suggest you do NOT PM the "hijacker". Such things can and usually WILL deteorate into something unpleasent. Let the administrators and the mentors handle such things.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. But in this case it's me who want to hijack a thread and the OP has given me the permission
    and I don't think others have any problem with that too. :rolleyes:
    Yep, you're right. I'm too impatient and I always try to be patient but I can't! :shy:
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    There's a difference between hijacking a thread and following a discussion along a natural path that might be somewhat different from the original intent of the poster. Since you have permission from the OP to take it in the new direction, it should not be a problem, but generally, thread hijacking is frowned upon. If a discussion does wind up taking two paths and folks wish to pursue both of them, it's possible for the mentors to split a discussion into two discussions so that the second topic doesn't distract from the first. If that needs to be done, let a mentor know.
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