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Hiking without brain cells

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    Yesterday, http://news.yahoo.com/authorities-3-swept-over-waterfall-presumed-dead-180056413.html" when they were washed over Vernal Falls. My first reaction was sadness for the families but, after reading the story of how this happened, I have to wonder how blatently stupid some people can be.

    A sign in English warns visitors not to cross the barricade or swim in the waters above the falls. Bibee said other hikers had shouted that it wasn't safe to go into the rushing river.

    Bibee said other members of the victims' group also had been on the wrong side of the barricade when he reached the top of the Mist Trail. One man, he said, was posing near the waterfall with a screaming young girl in his arms while a teenage girl snapped photographs.

    "People became unglued on this guy," Bibee said. "They said, 'You know what man, get your *** back over here.'"

    As that man walked back, Bibee said, the doomed couple made their way to the rock.

    A man believed to be David crossed a metal barricade with Badal above the falls to make their way over slick granite to a rock in the middle of the swift Merced River.

    Standing on a slick rock in the middle of a racing river above a 300 foot drop? Really?!? :uhh:
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    Worse than cell phones if you ask me.
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    Rhody... :rolleyes:
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    According to the Yahoo article:
    It appears that Yacoub tried to save his friend, but certainly the girl and her friend made a fatal mistake in going onto the slippery rocks in the river.

    It would be bad enough if there was a pool of water at the bottom, but at the bottom of the falls are rocks.
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