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Hilarious picklejam

  1. Nov 12, 2006 #1
    I am in a bit of a pickle and thought you guys and gals would find this hilarious I’m not sure if I could post his here I assumed it as a general discussion topic. And this is not meant to be a brainbuster( yet it is seriously messing with my head) Well here it is:

    I’m turning 21 tomorrow but am having my party on the 23rd at 7.30 because of uni exams I have already sent out invitations and 50 people have rsvp’d I have also got a venue booked, the catering payed for and sorted out, and organised friends bands to play.
    Then today I find out that one of my lecturers at uni has took it on himself to change the exam date to the 23rd at 5.30 with a duration of 2 hours which means I will finish the exam at 7.30 and it will take me one hour to get to the party

    First of all I have posted this here just to give you all a bit of a laugh, knowing to the fact that I will probably be a whole hour late to my own birthday party LOL How funny is this( I cracked up for about ten min when I found out)

    Second of all um any advice ( I can’t cancel party ) (I cant change time of exam) so im kinda stuck
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    That stinks majin. Well, now you can make a fashionably late grand entrance to your party.

    It sounds like you aren't going to ask to take the test another time. It does only delay you an hour, so not too bad.

    Is there someone you can rely on to great your guests and make sure everything goes smoothly until you arrive?
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    Yeah, that's probably the best course of action, just have someone assigned to help get things set up and greet your guests before you get there.

    I suppose if you were really bothered by it, you could request the exam be given at the originally scheduled time. It seems unreasonable to change an exam so close to the exam date, and especially just prior to a holiday break (assuming you're in the US). Others in the class might already have plane tickets to get home for Thanksgiving, which is even less flexible than your plans. The reason for schedules is so you can plan in advance NOT to have conflicts. I guess it's up to you if you'd rather be late to the party and have more time to study for your exam, or request the exam be given at the originally scheduled time.
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    thats the plan so far LoL
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    I really don't think it matters. Just make sure to have a grand entrance :smile:

    But uhh, you seem to have all the entertainment in line, sooo, the difference is that by the time you get there everyone will already be drunk....
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    I think we should agree to call it "fashionably late". Which has worked for me on more then one occasion.
    Hope you have a grand day tomorrow, and I'm sure your party will turn out just fine.
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    Besides, the way people are nowadays, most of the guests won't show up until an hour into the party anyway, so you'll just be arriving as the party gets going. :biggrin:
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    Now, if you managed to pull it off as a SURPRISE party, now THAT would be a story to tell!
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    Maybe someone at the party can actually present you with a jar of REAL pickle jam. Yummy! (at least maybe you'd be drinking so much you'd think it so!)

    Or maybe your friends' bands will treat you to a musical pickle jam:

    One bonus: showing up "late" will allow you to make a grand entrance! Fun!
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    If they're people who are worth inviting in the first place, they should certainly understand your priorities. Just have your 'greeter' explain why you'll be showing up a bit late.
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