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Homework Help: Hill and BBC Yield Criterion, Hardening Models

  1. Nov 20, 2012 #1
    Sorry - I didn't post according to the template as even though this is a homework/coursework question; it's not as black and white as a question and answer!

    I am doing a piece of coursework, or research if you like, for university. The purpose of it is to investigate how the results of FEA models vary from ACTUAL strain test results.

    As a part of this I have to use different Yield Criterion (Hill 48 and BBC 2005) as well as different Hardening Models (Ludwik, Swift, Ghosh, Hockett-Sherby and Combined Hocket-Sherby).

    I'm just not really sure what these are and how they are different to one another.

    I'm kind of lost in translation and I was hoping someone here could help me understand.

    This is probably very vague, but being as confused as I am, its hard for me to even ask the question properly so if you need any more information please ask!

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