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Himalaya glaciers melt unnoticed

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    Ivan Seeking

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    For now, there is reliance on satellite data. This even shows some glaciers are stable or advancing, particularly in the west and north.
    This confuses the issue, why do satellite data give an opposite result?
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    Yes, there are several glaciers growing, especially in Norway, Alaska and South America.

    A few remarks:

    The variation in glacier lenght is highly dependent on the precipitation, relative humitidy and much less on temperature.

    Despite the claims of IPCC in the next link, the reason for many glacier retreats (ig Kilimanjaro) has been identified positively as increasing aridity in more recent studies than the IPC cites.

    Temperature increase in mountainous areas facilitate snowfall and hence glacier growth. -5C is much better for snowing than -20C

    The acceptance standards are inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the message. Hence, you will not find a advancing glacier in the "Scientific bases" of IPCC easily

    This in turn confirms that the global warming lobby and IPCC are well underway to bias beyond acceptable levels.

    I wonder if the first poster had read the urgent and important thread.
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    I find this to be a poor article.

    First - and most importantly - it is highly disingenious. It is titled "Himalaya glaciers melt unnoticed." This title can only be taken to mean that they are melting. However, since no studies have been done for a decade, there is no evidence of this. The title should read "Himalaya glaciers could be melting unnoticed." The only evidence given actually suggests that glaciars are advancing. They state that the glacial lakes are growing, but provide no references for this.

    Secondly, there is an entire section called "Rising Temperatures" that provides no evidence of rising temperatures. Even if most of the earth is warming, this area may or may not be.

    The entire article is speculation. The sad thing is, even without global warming there is still reason for people to watch out for flooding and other natural disasters. By presenting this issue along with a myriad of unbacked facts they are doing the people there a disservice.
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    By the way Ivan, I do not want you to think I do not appreciate your postings. I hope you do not take my opinion about one reference and apply it to all posts.
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    Yes, those headings in the article are rather misleading and the author doesn't seem to explain his reason for claiming the lakes may be growing. I've heard about the problem of large glacial lakes in asia possibly flooding people downstream before, so i think there is some reason to believe the lakes have been growing. but the article doesn't mention that. to his credit, the author doesn't claim the uncited 'shrinking' of glaciers is connected to AGW.
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    no himalayan glaciers are not melting unnoticed. we indians can't help noticing it, especially when one-third of gangotri glacier has gone in the past decade and a general retreat in snowline making "cold" hill stations unbearably hot. whatever the cause it IS HAPPENING.
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