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Hindu mythology and hinduism

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    Some basic information:

    Hindus have one God. They also have 330 million Gods. Male Gods, Female Gods, Family Gods, Household Gods, Personal God, Village God, Fertility God, Forest God, Sun God, Moon God and what not. You name it, there is a God for it. For Hindus, everything is divine and there is nothing that can be ignored. There is freedom to choose any form that you can relate to as God and also to reject all the forms. As a Hindu progresses spiritually, there is a gradual rejection of forms to realize the Divine without form that is within.

    Important links and sources:
    1: Hierarchy of Gods in Hindu mythology:
    2:Table on Hinduism:
    3: Frequently asked questions:
    http://www.ssvt.org/Education/Hinduism FAQ.asp
    4: http://kodaihills.blogspot.com/
    5: Hindu Gods
    http://www.daydreameducation.co.uk/catalog/Hindu-Gods_LARGE.jpg [Broken]

    PS: I will complete the thread later and post my questions then. Please don't mind.
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    You are right.

    Hindus have many gods and goddesses and one god as well.

    Like it is saying god is everywhere and in everything, but everything is not god and in god.

    God is with form and formless too.

    We cannot define God.
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    Yes we have 330 million gods but these are just different aspects or forms of the same thing just as the same person has different emotions like anger, joy, frustration, sadness etc at different times.
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