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Hint for hard and tricky

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    hint for "hard and tricky"

    I see many ppl saw the question, i assure you that when i WILL solve it i'll publish the analitical solution. (and if i'll give up i'll ask for the answer from my prof' and will publish it)
    there IS such one(analitical sol'), so i have been told. i asked the prof' if i can use newton method, as was suggested, and he said he won't consider it analitical..

    he gave me a hint, and i know nothing about it:
    "learn about ferma (or fermi, i don't recall) methods, that's the guide to solve it..."

    anyone knows what he ment maybe?

    behind the question there is a nice story, 20 years ago. i'l tell it when it will be solved. it involves math, and love for a young girl....
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