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Hippocampus location

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    They say the Hippocampus is Horseshoe Shape or "U" Shape.

    Now I know the Amygdala is a Ball Shape right in front of the Hippocampus. Then the Hippocampus goes from behind the Amygdala right back and then up.

    So would I be right that the Hippocampus starts Right behind the Amygdala and goes back and up to the Body Of Fornix?
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    Re: Hippocampus

    I know the Hippocampus start right behind the Amygdala and is Hours Shu in Shape.

    How Long is the Hippocampus I know we have two of them and they go back and turn up and come togather to form the Body of Fopnux.

    But is the Hippocampus from the back of the Amygdaya untill the Body of Fornux?
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    I have bean looking all over google for good photos and get more mixed up.

    But I think I have it I Attatched a photo.

    Am I right that just the Black part is the Left Hipoocampi and just the Blue Part is the Right Hippocampi?

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