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Hi!!!!! I am currently in a Honors US history class with a teacher who seriously pushes us to our very limits (seriously!!) with his evil ID tests. These tests require us to learn about 20-30 key terms in US history starting from the beginning (1700's) each week. Right now, in week 3 we've gotten to the civil war. On ID tests, you identify what a certain topic is, and then you explain the historical significance of this. This is the hardest part. The highest grade he usually gets is a C- , so you can imagine the difficult way he grades (no partial credit!!).
Anyway, I need help describing the historical significance of the following:
Lincoln's reconstruction plan
Freedmens Bureau
The strategies + weeknesses of the Union vs Confederacy

If you don't know, that okay. I am really desperate, so anything is welcome. My test is wednesday.

thank you very very very very much.
You must really be desperate coming to a Physics Forum with history questions!!!

Your best bet is to look up each term and think about the significance that event had in relation to other events (Reconstruction, Civil Rights, etc.)

Civil War in week three? That seems a bit fast paced. I don't see how you can go over all the material at that fast a pace. But trust me, AP US history is ridiculously hard. I'm not sure if your honors class has done DBQs, but those are truly the devil. And if you don't know what a DBQ is and you're not taking the AP US test, don't worry about it, you'll be much happier not knowing.


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I have seen people come here asking with help analyzing English homework and papers before. If you need help, why not try it.

I remember back in high school I had a teacher that would fly through the book, so fast I could joke with my friends who didnt have him that,
"In a race to the end of time, our class will beat you when it comes to studying history". We would be at the WWII and the other classes would be in reconstruction or somewhere around there. We would finish in April and then start learning about the future....no not really, but we sure covered alot fast.

and what help does your text book give you?

The only thing I would know anything about in your list would be the The strategies + weeknesses of the Union vs Confederacy, all the other stuff I have either never heard of or only vaguely remember the details.


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Maybe you can find a nice mentor to move this for you.

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