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History essay

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    Can someone edit my intro for my history essay? This is a very very very very....very important essay so please be as [productively] critical as possible.

    this is the prompt:
    "To what extent did "Yellow Journalism" influence the United States decision to declare war on Spain?"
    (this question is in reference to the spanish american war)

    my intro:
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    Welcome back! :smile: I can't help with the history part, but I'll go over it tonight and offer what I can in the way of grammar and composition suggestions. Nice start.
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    Yes! This is exactly the topic I tell all of these people that need topics to write about. Finally someone is doing it. I love you, Particle. (Don't have the time right now to help you, though.)
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    thanks guys!!

    I'll post a new intro because I really don't like the one I posted. Notice that the prompt is yellow journalism and I didn't mention it until the last sentence. But, I would like feedback on how to write a good intro. and MLA format.
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    You tell people to write about yellow journalism? :confused: may I ask why?:rolleyes:
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    The explosion of the USS Maine has never really been solved. Hearst, the living embodyment of yellow journalism (interesting sidebar: look up why it was called that) trumpeted in his newspaper (get name) that Spain had done it and the US must go to war over it. He did his best to lash up public war fervor.

    Did this cause the war? By itself probably not. All those factors you mentioned in your introduction weighed in too, plus the ego of Teddy Roosevelt. But yellow journalism certainly was a factor, and moreover it was a well-perceived factor. Almost immediately commentators started discussing the very question you are writing on, any many of them blamed yellow journalism without considering other factors.
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    manipulation to get into a war with a perceived weak opponent
    for sugar plantations read oilfields
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    Specifically as it regards entry into the Spanish-American War, partly because of the parallels to today and partly just because I find it to be a fascinating series of events that don't seem to get much attention.
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