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History of Advertising.

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    I apparently am lame at googling things, so I'm wondering:

    Where can I get 2 or 3 good sources of information about the history of Advertising, over the period of the last Forever or so.

    Thank you in advance! ^-^
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    Advertising started off very low-key :

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    I would start by finding some good, fairly large general history sites and searching them. (If you prefer to use google, just include in your query the history site that you want to search using "site:www.site.com". For example: "site:www.historychannel.com[/url] advertising") This turned up [PLAIN]http://www.historychannel.com/thcsearch/thc_resourcedetail.do?encyc_id=200292 [Broken].

    You might also want to expand your searches to marketing and even the history of business. Doing this turned up, e.g., HBS's Business History site. Check out especially their Related Resources page. Also, searching http://search.hbs.edu:8765/ for "advertising" returned what, at a glance, looked like lots of goodies.

    You might want to start at http://www.besthistorysites.net/
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