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History of big G

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    Recently the value of G has been called into question by new measurements from respected research teams in Germany, New Zealand, and Russia. The new values disagree wildly. For example, a team from the German Institute of Standards led by W. Michaelis obtained a value for G that is 0.6% larger than the accepted value; a group from the University of Wuppertal in Germany led by Hinrich Meyer found a value that is 0.06% lower, and Mark Fitzgerald and collaborators at Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand measured a value that is 0.1% lower. The Russian group found a curious space and time variation of G of up to 0.7% The collection of these new results suggests that the uncertainty in G could be much larger than originally thought. This controversy has spurred several efforts to make a more reliable measurement of G.
    A RUSSIAN physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced experimental data that may topple one of science's most cherished dogmas that Newton's constant of gravitation, famously symbolised by a large `G,' remains constant wherever, whenever and however it is measured.
    i havent found any suppoting evidence for second article.
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