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History of K.N formula

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    What is its importance? Where there any publications to prove exactly the formulation of Klein Nishina formula of Compton Effect? Why is it that complicated to prove..
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    Above from Wikipedia.

    It is important in order to calculate gamma ray transport correctly.
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    Thank you, but I would have liked to know more about its derivation. I found no online resources that show all the mathematical elaboration. Is there any book perhaps that has the full derivation. If not, then why such derivations can not be sought easily?
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    Did you look at this paper? Sect 5.3.1 gives a rather thorough treatment.
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    greiner book on quantum electrodynamics contain full derivation.Also it is treated in feynman's quantum electrodynamics.
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    I remember seeing/doing the derivation in my grad school QED course which used Bjorken & Drell's texbook, probably "Relativistic Quantum Fields".

    At that level, some or most of the details are often left to the student as exercises. :wink:
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    Thank you a lot for your suggestions and shared experiences!
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    One more thing. What prerequisites should we have in order to prove this (Physics and Mathematics)?
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