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History of Physics

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    Hey all. I'm doing a National History Day project on physics. Actually, to be more specific, the road of theory unification in physics. Here's my question:

    What (in your mind) is the most important moment in physics history?
    What is your favorite moment in physics history?

    Or... If you just want to show how smart you all are on physics history, give me a rundown.

    When I say history, I mean from present-back. Not 2000 years ago.

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    1. Galileo discovers galiliean relativity and begins science of mechanics: ~1620.

    2. Kepler discovers 3 laws of planetary motion ~1630.

    3. Newton's Principia lays out laws of motion, derives Kepler's laws from inverse square law of gravitation. Invents calculus with Leibniz: 1687.

    4. Oersted discovers link between electricity and magnetism: 1821.

    5. Carnot discovers thermodynamics: 1827.

    6. Maxwell states his laws of electromagnetism: 1868.

    7. Planck discovers the quantum: 1900.

    8. Einstein discovers Special theory of relativity: 1905.

    9. Einstein discovers General Relativity: 1915.

    10. Heisenberg discovers quantum mechanics: 1923.

    11. Dirac discovers relativistic quantum mechanics: 1927.

    12. Fermi et al. create first sustained atomic fission 1942.

    13. Tomonaga, Schwinger, Feynman, & Dyson create QED: 1945 - 1954.

    14. A whole bunch of people carry out the steps to create the Standard Model: 1955 - 1975.
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    not bad.
    Paden Roder
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