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History of Physics

  1. Oct 10, 2013 #1
    I've recently begun to read a lot of nonfiction books.
    I'm currently reading a book about stories told by Richard Feynman about his amazing life. It's hilarious and so clever. I would absolutely LOVE to read a book on the history of physics!! I think it's really fascinating.

    Could anyone please recommend me a good and accurate book on the general history of physics?? Does this exist? Thanks! :)
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    Try Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly everything"

    It's a fun, brilliantly-written, anecdote-based look at the history of modern science in general, not just physics. By the virtue of broad subject matter it's not going into much detail on any given area, and due to the author's second-hand knowledge(he's a journalist, not a scientist) it contains a few little bits of erroneous information here and there, but it's a great read nontheless and good introduction to the topic.

    Also contains a sizeable bibliography, so it's easy to branch out to whatever suits your fancy after reading.
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    Thank you so much :) I'm going to check it out :)
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