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History of QFT.

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    I was wondering if anybody could recommend some books which deal with the development of QFT.
    I'm almost finished Schweber's "QED and the men who made it", which I found excellent, however it only deals with QED.
    So are there any other good histories of QFT?

    And is there a "History of QCD" book, which is to QCD what Schweber's book is to QED.
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    The first chapter in Weinberg's first volume of his QFT book is also a useful reading...

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    Thanks, I picked it up in my university library, it's exactly what I wanted.

    I also picked this up, the history section is a little terse, obviously though since it is an exposition on the subject itself.
    However, even though I don't know anywhere near the level of knowledge in this text or understand half the mathematics, it has shown me how far QFT goes. I won't be happy until I know QFT to this level.
    Thanks for pointing it out.
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