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History Paper

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    I have an 8-12 page history paper due wednesday morning and I have written only 1 page so far :groan: Any suggestions on how to get it done in an easy way? If I could, I would seriously pay someone $100 to do it. The class is so boring, I just wish they would give me a B and let me go lol. Guess I will just have to suffer through it tomorrow :frown:
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    eh...big fonts, big words, double-spacing...
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    Hehe, there was many cases like today where I'd been working hours on 12 pages writings and the like. Just do it, it isn't difficult. Once you get the inspirations it takes a little time to get it done. What's the topic of your essay?
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    Simple. Collect a butt-load of quotes, and then just put in text between the quotes. Now your done!
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    How did medieval and early modern Europeans attempt order and explain their lives and experiences? Which sources of authority did they consider to be most important? Which sources of authority actually exercised the strongest influence over their decisions? Please address the importance of ancient authorities (classical Greek and Roman as well as early Christian writings), the ideas of their immediate predecessors (other medieval and early modern people) and their own inspiration and innovation. What does your answer tell you about Western Civilization?

    With the following theme: Limits and meaning of human knowledge

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    Ok, they attempted to explain their lives and experiences with science; however, the underlying scheme of things was god. When there was doubt or conflict, the church was right and science was wrong. Period. The most important source was the church, as it was the center of learning and controlled what was taught, although there was some wiggle room for independent study so long as you did not conflict with the churches views.

    As per Greek and Roman, the greeks had the Lysieum (sp?), which was *independent* of state control. Those were *private* institutions of learning. The Romans did NOT have/care for these schools. They were all about applied Engineering, not science. Their (Midieval Christians) inspiration was the Muslims. It was through the Muslims that the Christians relearned the lost science of the early greeks.

    That's why so many words are Arabic, i.e Algebra. It's not an Arabic invention, its Greek, but it was sent to the Christians vis-a-vis the Arabs, and they kept the arab naming system.

    Does that help?
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    Your first part is right on with what I am thinking about in the essay. The second part not so much. My western civ class did not really cover specifics, we instead read sources that went over cetain ideas.
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    Step 1: Get back to working on the paper instead of posting here.
    Step 2: See step 1.


    I think we've all made that mistake of procrastinating too long once or twice. Good luck.
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    Hint: When you steal one ideal they call it plagarism. when you steal many ideas they call it a reaseach paper. :biggrin:
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    Or more than twice...

    Do more research than writing, that way it is easier to write. Well, that's what I do, I can never write on an empty stomach. The emptiness being lack of knowledge, and the stomach being...
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    "History class" ??

    Honestly, this definitely sounds more like an "English/literature class" topic/paper :bugeye:

    Heh...well, the only essays I procrastinate on are those that are either

    1) "Rigged"--meaning that the discussion within your essay rests on a foundation of assumptions, often which you can very easily invalidate--but you have to "accept anyway" (because the teacher/class says so).

    2) "Must relate to some literature"--usually these are also rigged; however, the "foundation of assumptions" (that you have to "accept") is often extremely easy to falsify. A lot of BS must follow, but fortunately, (however hypocritically!) English/literature classes allow appeals to authority to authors and writers. Often, such essays involve drawing conclusions about "reality" from fictional scenarios.

    (Interestingly enough, literary authors/writers do not have to abide by the principle--"the burden of proof is on the individual making the claim". Which translates to: "the burden of proof is on the individual student in English class.")

    3) "Limited persuasion"--essays where you must take a position on some argument. The only problem is, the teacher limits what "positions" you may take (a common position denied to students is "No opinion due to a lack of evidence, which I shall now expand upon").

    4) "Limited argument"--essays in which the argument...is not really worth an essay. In other words, the argument is not so complex/detailed/comprehensive that it requires an entire essay to explain.

    5) I can greatly elaborate on the current list I have so far, and list many more types of essays here...(but I am out of time! Actually, I have to prepare for a certain upcoming AP exam)
    *By the way, mattmns:
    Do your 8-12 pages have to be double-spaced?
    ~>In which case, your assignment is just a basic four-six page essay :rolleyes: (nothing much at all!). Given the breadth of your essay topic, 4-6 single-spaced pages is really...nothing much at all.

    Unless...your 8-10 page paper must be single-spaced--in which, your essay arguement/discussion would be much more extensive. And you have a good assignment on your hands.
    Well :redface:...

    Honestly, I despise the whole notion of "double-spacing". No published book, article, textbook, or essay is double-spaced. Anytime I hear "X" quantity of pages--of any written work--I expect normal, single-spaced writing.

    :smile: 8-10 pages single-spaced, mattmns?

    *Also--just to restate--your essay topic SERIOUSLY sounds like something that would come from an English/literature class...certaintly NOT from a history class.

    Among other aspects, note the particular emphasis (in the topic) on some external "significance" of the history/events----as opposed to merely the history itself (which would otherwise warrant an expository, as opposed to a persuasive, essay), on specifically, your individual perspective of the implied "significance".
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    Yes, that is 8-12 pages double spaced, that is why I am not too worried about it. Also, it is for a history class, intro western civ; however, my history teacher also teaches english, so that may be why the topic seems to be englishy.

    OK time to finish it. I am setting a goal of 4pm (~7.5 hrs from now) to be completely finished.
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    You mean like Douglas Adams, Alan Bennett, or the Monty Python group? :biggrin:
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    As far as I think (I know nearly nothing about history) you can easily develop even 20-page essay. Early Europeans, up to Renaissance or later were mainly influenced by Roman Catholic Church. Their lives were mainly based on how to go to heaven, such feelings and ideas were developed because of huge number of peasants, and feudalism. :approve: Just google for it, medieval church, medieval european and feudalism. It's all simple.
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    Assignments are usually double-spaced unless otherwise specified. It's easier on the eyes of us aging professors. :wink: And, actually, it's to leave room for comments while grading or editing. The 10-page essay is a fairly standard length, this one just seems to have some room for individual variation.

    And, no, don't try increasing the font size or writing long, meaningless, filler sentences that don't really say anything you couldn't have said with far less words. :devil: Your teachers and professors know all those tricks already. :wink:
  17. May 9, 2006 #16
    Midway lunch break :smile: I have about 4 pages done so far :smile: However, that means I still have 4 pages to go :cry:

    No I will not increase the font size, or do anything that silly. I personally prefer adding one or two words to a paragraph to get that extra line break :rofl:
  18. May 9, 2006 #17
    What kind of being short of a godly figure would only do that once or twice?!?!?!?

    For a history paper, get tons of quotes and explain them all. Find information online and just explain things in extreme detail. Do eeet.

    EDIT: Also make it interesting, even if you go off topic a few times. Maybe you could make parts of it funny as well.

    EDIT2: HAHA, about that extra few words to a paragraph thing... I've once made my last sentance have about 8 adjectives, just to get there.... :/
  19. May 9, 2006 #18
    Don't add in useless words just to get up to the right number of words or pages. I don't know how it works where you are but professors where I am stress concision and murder you if you don't keep everything concise and to the point.
  20. May 9, 2006 #19
    Well I now have about 6 pages. I love it when I set deadlines, it really keeps me on track :rofl: I am going to add a nice thick conclusion and maybe a few more quotes and I should have close enough to 8. Well at least 7, which will hopefully get me a B in the class, if not a C. Ahh, the thought of History being over with, almost brings a tear to my eye (tears of joy that is).

    Hmm, actually this will be the last BS class I have to take :smile: I will have nothing but my major and minor left, and Russian (for fun) :biggrin:
  21. May 9, 2006 #20
    I know why teachers prefer double-spacing, but that doesn't mean I encourage it. (In fact, I discourage it)

    Or, more relevantly, in my case:


    !What annoys me is not the "minimum #pages" requirements,
    but rather a limit on "maximum allowed # pages" :devil:.

    (Especially true when trying to write comprehensive essays on broad topics :rolleyes:)

    *Then again, I'm only a high school student. College may be different...
    (I always seem to write 2-3 pages above the suggested paper length :frown:)
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