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History & Present State of Action at a Distance

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    History & Present State of "Action at a Distance"

    The concept of action at a distance is an interesting one. To begin with, it has to have a definition; I'll try: correlation between two systems without anything noticeable in spacetime going from one system to the other (like photons, curvature, ...). I welcome better definitions, but let's not make the definition the core debate; I think we all know what is meant.

    It is interesting to see how belief and disbelief in this principle has varried throughout history. A short summary of what I can think of:
    Pro: Greek myth, gods with their power
    Anti: Democritus, everything is atoms
    Pro: Newton, gravity, instantaneous, no medium
    Anti: Einstein, gravity, curvature, not instantaneous

    Can anybody add to this?

    And I was wondering, what is the present state of this principle? Quantum entanglement seems to be an example of action at a distance? Is the majority of theories against it, or the other way around?

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