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Medical HIV cure for MS

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    Now bare with me :)

    MS is basically the immune system attacking the nervous system.
    HIV is a virus attacking the immune system.

    If you contract HIV and have your immune system eliminated. Your immune system than cannot attack your nervous system.

    Obviously this is a pretty barbaric way of fighting the disease of multiple sclerosis. It would be analogous of amputating an arm because of a broken finger.

    Wouldn't this perhaps be an interesting application for research to be done?

    Ofcoarse chances are that I'm likely quite incorrect on how it works.
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    There is already research into, and existing therapies for MS that manipulate the immune system (immunosuppressants). Using such a blunt hammer as HIV would be more a set-back.

    Of course, that doesn't mean that one field cannot benefit from the other, and that sort of thing does happen with biomedical research quite often...someone studies the mechanism of action for one thing, and along the way, finds a way to manipulate something relevant for another disease, and the research jumps disciplines. So, there's always the chance that someone studying HIV will learn something about the mechanism it uses to suppress the immune system that will turn out useful as a more targetted therapy for something else (whether MS, or other things like immunosuppression for organ transplants).

    To say much more than that, though, would be far too speculative at this time.
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    WHAT?!?! :confused: You want us to get NAKED with you?!?!?! :rofl:

    Plus, there is a difference between an autoimmune disease (where the body actually attacks itself) and and immunodeficient disease (where a virus attacks the body). MS attacks the CNS. HIV attacks the T-cells. I don't think using one to cure the other would work.
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    I think what the OP is saying is, if MS causes the T-cells to attack, and HIV attacks the T-cells, then HIV could stop MS. (I don't know whether MS causes the T-cells to attack.)
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    A case of the cure being worse than the disease?
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    Right. And I'm saying that won't work. :smile: The MD's I've talked to about it here at my hospital also agree. The HIV is widespread and attacking all of the body's T-cells, not just the ones that attack the myelin sheath in MS. No Time is correct. It's a case of the cure being worse than the disease.
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    So, the only thing we have to do is to find the Antibody that is making the immune system attack the myelin and get ride of it.

    Any Ideas??????
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