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Homework Help: Hlep me plez

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    could any one help me in writing this project in matlab ??

    A random variable X is observed at certain experiment. 100,000 samples of this random
    variable are stored in a vector called samples.
    1. Use MATLAB to read the samples of this random variable. To read these samples
    you should download the file projectfile.mat from the WebCT in your computer and
    your first statement in the MATLAB file is going to be:
    load projectfile.mat samples
    Once you read the vector samples try to do the following:
    2. Estimate the pdf of X and plot the estimated pdf.
    3. Estimate the cdf of X and plot the estimated cdf.
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    Thread moved from EE to Homework Help.

    Welcome to the PF, man*. You need to show us your own work before we can offer tutorial help. How would you go about starting this problem?
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