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HM Cancri

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    I think this could be a good chance that we see how neutron stars form from White Dwarf mergers. The combined mass of the two are less that than required for a type Ia Supernovae. Won't they merge and collapse into a neutron star? What does everyone else think might happen. I want to be sure if lesser massive degenerate mergers which total under 1.4 SM form neutron stars.
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    Hmmm... I honestly don't know what would happen. I'd guess that the sudden addition of mass would kickstart nuclear fusion and form a new star, not collapse into a neutron star. I'll have to look up more on this.
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    If combined mass is below Chandrasekhar limit, the end result should be a white dwarf. It's quite likely merged star will have some new ways to achieve fusion, so it may take a while (a few million years?) before it settles into white dwarf state.
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