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Hmm 1 question please ^.^

Well its my first post, but i really want this question answerd pretty please :blushing: only one thats left out of my booklet o:)

My dad tried helping me, but he didn't explain it fully and had to go :bugeye:

so the question is, Which would spoil faster 1 1b of ground beef or 11b boneless steak?

This question is supposto be answered using the factors that effect the rate of a chemical reaction though, thats where i don't know how to sum it up in that type of form..:frown:

I hope i made sense lol :shy:

Thanks to whoever gives any help, really appreciate it ^.^
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Okay, start by listing the factors which affect a chemical reaction, one should really jump out the page at you.


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Welcome Lady_of_Faith to PF (physicsforums)!! You've come to the right place to ask questions. I'd like to assure you, we will attempt to guide you in a successful direction.

If you have not read it yet, this post will give you insight on what to expect when you ask a question.
Hoot has given you a good lead question. I would also add, what do you know about meat spoilage? What causes that to happen?
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