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Hmm New Discovery?

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    I swear I've read about these arsenic living organisms before NASA released this. I don't remember where but I know I read about it. Can someone else say that this was released before so I don't feel weird about it lol.
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    Previous research done in Mono lake in California, the lake where the NASA team found the arsenic-containing microbes, had identified microbes that can use arsenic as an energy source in photosynthetic reactions. This research was published in 2008, also in the journal Science:
    Kulp et al. (2008) Arsenic(III) Fuels Anoxygenic Photosynthesis in Hot Spring Biofilms from Mono Lake, California. Science 321: 967. doi:10.1126/science.1160799

    The 2010 paper by Wolfe-Simon describes a different microbe that seems to have been able to incorporate arsenic into its biomolecules (DNA, proteins), something that has never been observed before.
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    I think I read that on some standardized state test...
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