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Hmmm What or Who is god?

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    I guess its safe to assume that most if not all of the holy bible as writen as we see it today shouldnt be taken word from word and phrase by phrase. As some very religeous people I heard are often afraid to admit that if its not in the bible it is not so. Well mainly aliens. as far as I know the original scriptures says that God created us. Not ; "God created ONLY us."

    meaning that not even the bible has denied there being exsistance of other intelligent life out there...

    Now what I meant at first was take adam and eve for instance: the bible said adam was created from the earths ground and even from his rib...

    Alot of people think thats what truely happend when they dont relize that well 1 story in the bible revelations is known to be only signs of things and there are no say moon turns to actual blood involved atleast... And I am NOT saying the bible is lieing becuase it is not lieing if anything it is saying the utter and most of any truth ever. It just not being said the way we want to hear it. Meaning when you read the moon shall turn to blood: this means that ofcourse when mentioned blood usually means "Man" and i think original scriptures said that Blood will "BE" on the moon. Well we know man has walked the moon for severel years. since the 60s right? may be wrong but I think thats almost right if anything....

    The point is the book revelation gives us warnings and signs to be aware of what is going to happen soon. I don't remember what sign the blood of the moon is on but I think after that comes the stars fall to the earth or fall from the skies...

    Well it has been repeatedly said that the earth is continuously attack by comets and asteroids every once in a loooooooong while.... and ofcourse if any stars are falling im sure theres going to be meteors or asteroids involed. They even predict that there will be a coming of a large meteor that they "said" will dip below the earth's satalites... well im ...

    ok im stoping this now becuase my right hand can no longer type because of this strange numbess... i think somthing tells me im telling this world too much... i think ill leave it there...
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    Interesting. I to have read revelations and find myself quite confused. Have you read the Book of Daniel? And besides prophecy do you read other aspects of the Bible like Psalms, where the bible tries to introduce good 'habits" such as Diligence, Honesty, and Hard Work, as well as the persuit of wisdom (Understanding)?
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