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Homework Help: Hnd fluid mechanics problem please help

  1. May 28, 2012 #1
    A jet of water 70mm in diameter moving with a velocity of 25m/s impinges tangentially on a stationary blade which deflects the jet through 130o.
    (a) Find the resultant force on the blade, in magnitude and direction.
    (b) If the blade has a velocity of 5m/s in the same direction as the jet and the jet loses 20% of its velocity due to friction, recalculate the force on the moving vane.
    Assume density of water = 1000kg/m3.

    Your solutions to both (a) and (b) to include appropriate illustrations
    can some one please help or give me an idiots example of how to get started on this , im not good at word to show my working out i have no answer as i cant work out ( u ) uk way of working out equation
    if i could just get a good pionter i should be able to do it myself using my notes guys thanks
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    rude man

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    Think impulse-momentum equation: ∫Fdt = Δp
    F = force
    t = time
    p = momentum.

    (Vectors are in bold)
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    thanks man well appreciated, ill give it a go , then well see if it looks right thanks
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