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Hoag's Object ?

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    If it is a soliton is really a very big soliton!

    I suppose that this new hypothesis of soliton galaxy will have to compete with other 3 theories about the formation of this bizarre galaxy

    1)Hoag's Object is a disk galaxy and the ring was formed from the end of a central bar that has since dissolved
    2)the inner core is an E0 elliptical galaxy, not a disk, and that the ring resulted from an accretion event 2 to 3 billion years ago
    3)Hoag's Object be considered the prototype of a class called Hoag-type galaxies, which are neither obviously barred nor obviously inclined disks

    BTW, it always has amazed me that in the background of the image there's another Hoag-like galaxy. I wonder if there's some link between them, I don't think that galaxies of this type are very common...
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