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Hobbies of PF members

  1. Feb 28, 2016 #1
    Hi all! I was just wondering what hobbies/interests do you have other than academia?
    I've always wanted to learn to play a music instrument and lately I've taken a liking to classical music, been thinking about signing up for violin classes.
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    That is a really nice interest. :smile:
    Out of academia? Besides playing video games, training. I just like how it feels. Been thinking about doing gymnastics (always wanted to try this), but I'm not so sure of a place where I can learn it. Cool historic fact about gymnastics:
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    I used to participate in gymnastics when I was in school, can't remember why I dropped it. It's nice to have a physical activity. In my 3 years of college I played football (soccer) and also chess
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    Really? :wideeyed: That is so cool!
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    Thanks! I wasn't too good though, could make it only to the reserve team
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    I like nature (my favourite type of landscape is a village or small town surrounded by hills and meadows), animals, reading and I'm interested in various spiritualities/religions and cultures. I'd like to learn about as many various points of view about the world as possible. I enjoy colouring colouring pages for adults :) The only sports that I don't hate are yin yoga and swimming :)
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    You seem to be a creative/artistic kind of person:)
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    Jonathan Scott

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    If you want to get to a standard where you can share music-making with others, it pays to start young, and it can be a lot of work. If you're thinking of learning a melody instrument such as violin, I'd also suggest getting some familiarity with keyboard/piano playing as well as general music background.

    As my main hobby, I play violin (started at age 8) or piano (started at age 6), and my wife plays the cello. Last night we were playing string quartets with friends who play violin and viola, and the night before we were at a symphony orchestra rehearsal. The snag with the orchestras is that I'm the chairman of the orchestral society and my wife is the administrator so we have so much work to do running the two Havant Orchestras (semi-professional chamber orchestra and amateur symphony orchestra) that it rather spoils the musical side.
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    I thought of learning to play a piano, but then decided against it ( good pianos being more expensive and also not very mobile). But I do hope to start playing them at some point in my life.. It's quite impressive, you playing at an orchestra. I somehow don't see myself going that far. Anyways, thanks for the advice
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    I was 14 when I picked up a cheap guitar and a Van Halen book. I pretty much dropped out of high school just to play. I never feel like I've gotten any good, but the pleasure of playing hasn't dissipated one bit.

    Almost ten years later I'm spending my life savings just to complete my high school courses. I've found mathematics to be a terrific hobby.
  12. Feb 28, 2016 #11

    Jonathan Scott

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    I don't recommend buying a real piano, which is heavy and requires maintenance, unless you get really serious. I recommend a semi-portable digital keyboard with a proper touch-sensitive full sized piano keyboard. I do have a baby grand piano myself (Young Chang G-157), but I also have a Roland FP-7F digital keyboard which I can pick up and take with me when necessary (especially to play celesta or harpsichord parts). Something like a basic Yamaha Clavinova or similar would probably be suitable for learning.
  13. Feb 28, 2016 #12
    Watching cartoons, reading comics.
    I like listening to music and many songs are always on top of my favored list. I remember all their lyrics so I can lip-sync one of them imagining I am the singer myself while it being played. :biggrin:
  14. Feb 28, 2016 #13


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    I second what Jonathan Scott said about small pianos, particularly electronic keyboards. I have a pretty nice Roland keyboard, that I don't play very often. I have a couple of guitars that I play regularly -- a Martin D-35 and a Guild 12-string, both from the '70s, and purchased second-hand. Both are steel-string guitars. I had another Martin, a D-16 that I bought new -- I gave that to my son who has a very strong interest in music.

    Probably my main hobbies are motorcycles, of which I now have five, all Harleys. A couple of them are pretty old -- 1946 and 1948. The other three are from the 80's, 90's, and 00's. At any given time, I'll have one or two of them apart, either for maintenance or to repair something.

    During the warmer weather I like to go on backpacking trips. Where I live is ideal for this pursuit, as I'm very close to the Washington Cascade Range, and it's not too far to get over to Olympic National Park. The backpacking trips range from a weekend all the way up to 10 or more days, and up to 55 miles in distance. I don't mind sleeping on the ground, and don't mind eating freeze-dried food. The views I get are definitely worth it. I have a couple of friends who enjoy these trips, as well. I've done a few solo trips, but prefer to go with someone else, for safety reasons, and for the ability to reminisce with them after the trips.
  15. Feb 28, 2016 #14
    :eek: Aha! I forgot to mention these! Definitely on my list of hobbies.
    Hey, you are better than me at it and that's for sure :wink:. At this point I probably couldn't gymnast even if my life depended on it. :smile: But I want to train on it and learn.
  16. Feb 29, 2016 #15
    What cartoons and comics do you guys like?
    I used to watch Family guy, Futurama and of course Simpsons. I know that many people love manga so I should try that too. I've only seen one hentai movie and it was so funny! :-D
  17. Feb 29, 2016 #16
    Archer is the best cartoon out there right now, in my opinion. Only time I watch TV actually, except for hockey.
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    Much the same, but then I like to up in the mountains or forests away from civilization.
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    You really have no hairs on your tongue. You really do speak the language of honesty. I'll tell you elsewhere, I don't want to derail this thread.
    Great! I'll invite you too to the forest Astronuc! :smile: The nice forest, not the creepy one.
    (I say this, but I'm playing, I'll actually never invite anyone, I'm too anxious to meet with people)
  20. Feb 29, 2016 #19
    Yes, I like Family Guy too and its short messages of political silliness. Hilarious though.
    You talk like a fake job ad! :DD
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