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Hockey stick data

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    Can anyone suggest where I can geet data on hockey composition - I have been everywhere
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    Sorry what do you mean?
    The famous 'hockey stick' curve - rise in CO2/temperature levels and climate change
    or the material that a hockey stick is made from?
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    hi, no i need data on how composite hockey sticks hit further and with more power than their wooden equivalent. thank you.
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    Think in terms of spring stiffness - theres probably lots of papers/research on baseball bats = same principle.
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    Coefficient of restitution of the stick is higher for composites. They also tend to be stiffer. you are unlikely to find any exact compositions or manufacturing data for real sticks as companies keep that to themselves.

    Also just to clarify are you taling about field or ice hockey?.

    Page 81

    You dont need to read all of it just look for the power equation. That'll give you all the terms that count.
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