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Hogzilla was real

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    Ivan Seeking

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    As reported today: The size was exagerated but he is real and a very unusual specimen - the body is est to have been about 800 Lbs and nearly 8 feet long.

    One Japanese farm grew a 2000 LB domesticated Hog. So even though an 800 LB hog is not unheard of, that a wild boar would reach 800 Lbs is surprising. Note also that the picture is sized properly. From what I saw, the meaurements were taken by two different methods. The scientists measured from butt to snout whereas the people who shot the hog measured with the corpse hanging - I'm betting along the longest continuous line which may be closer to 12 feet as claimed.


    I would also argue that if the snopes or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution author believe that an agressive 800 Lb wild boar running loose in the countryside is not "hide-the-children-and-get-your-guns dangerous", they needs to get out more. That would almost certainly be one very dangerous animal.
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    I saw it-scary!

    Very curious too as it seemed the photo was 'hoaxed'.

    (could this mean Peg-leg Big Foot from the same town is real?)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I agree. There were enough oddities in the photo to make me assume the worst. I was pretty much convinced that the photo was faked but it seems that digital cameras play some tricks of their own. In fact I have seen claims "debunked" on less. This is certainly a good lesson for the perpetual skeptics.
  5. Mar 21, 2005 #4
    "This is certainly a good lesson for the perpetual skeptics."

    right on--this story has been a gem, enlightening on many levels.
    a Classic!

    >hey,got any ideas for songs?

    one day jim was huntin' coons
    and along came a hog
    as big as the Moon!

    "good golly" he did declare,
    this ol boar's meaner
    than a Bear!

    an'smelt worst than
    an outhouse
    on a day
    With no air!

    What a Critter!

    two shots rang out
    <Bang bang>
    He jus walked away.
    How'd i miss 'im!!
    who's gonna believe this!
    wwell i mus be dreamin'

    ((take it away
    play that banjo boy>
    let's get outta here!))

    hey, This is as much fun as DNA research!
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    I missed this thread, I just started one in Biology, as I would like to learn more of the genitc make up of Pigs. The NGC show make it sound pretty incredible.

    That is one big pig!
  7. Mar 22, 2005 #6

    Ivan Seeking

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    Coming soon to an urban legend near you: The Children of Hogzilla

    He had six good years of boaring around before being shot...
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    Perhaps this entire story has be foisted on us by the owner of the Boar Hunting estate. Do you suppose he made a habit of "losing" bags of his high protein fish food? Maybe he let this thing run loose but was making sure that it was well fed the whole time.

    Talk about free advertising! I'll bet hunters are flocking to his place hoping to get a shot at the offspring of this thing. Nothing like a dead monster to attract attention.
  9. Mar 22, 2005 #8

    Ivan Seeking

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    Also, as discussed in the NG program, it seems that the spread of wild boars is a problem in itself. If some find good food sources they could grow as large as Hogzilla, or larger. In S. California they occasionally lose hikers and bikers to mountain lion attacks. This even happens [rarely] in residential neighborhoods that border wildlife areas. From what they said in the NG program, humans and wild boars will also be crossing paths more and more frequently. No doubt the facts related to such encounters will be exaggerated at times.
  10. Mar 22, 2005 #9


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    I speculate that the wild boar growth could well accompany and "feed" the cougar growth? Seems like a cougar would find a piglet a tasty treat. At 3 litters with a dozen piglets each a single sow could feed a lot of cougars without slowing the growth of the wild boars.
  11. Mar 22, 2005 #10


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    That was great! :approve:
  12. Mar 22, 2005 #11

    i've been wondering how this guy went 'un-noticed'--when you consider the Texas farmer who pointed out 'this was done by one' regular-sized boar?

    My mother's family were farmers and raised hogs- lot of talk about their intelligence and how mean they were--terrible stories really--they always scared me,and weren't just 'protecting their young'.

    It's unclear to me how 'social they are' in the wild--if the males try to kill the piglets like ferral cats for example?

    Wierdest thing of all was the suggestion that these animals 'chose to be domesticated'!?

    Coyotes have been a problem only 50 miles from the East Coast-stealing chickens. Even last summer reported around here not far from Dulles Air Port.

    what happened to the Killer Bees?

    anyway, found this curious story from the Brits-a 3-tiered 50lb pork-pie "wedding growler"



    try addin a quart of 'Moonshine' to your BBQ sauce
    just in case.....
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