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Hold your breath

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    Hold your breath or not!!

    Does holding one's breath for a long time cause cells to die due to lack of oxygen?How long is it safe to hold one's breath ?Till one can??
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    I don't believe it's possible to die from holding your breath. worst case scenario, you will lose counciousness, at which point normal breathing will resume. That doesn't mean i reccomend trying it however, because longer term cell damage could still occur i think.
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    With lack of Oxygen their is not acceptor for the electons coming through the kreb's cycle. Therefore, no ATP, will be made, which will lead to insufficent energy for cells and then death. So it is not neccessirly the lack of oxygen it is the lack of ATP.

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    aye, thats true, however bare in mind that ATP can still be made anerobicly.
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    The general scientific consensus is that holding one's breath until loss of consciousness is probably not dangerous, at least not unless done many many times a day. Having a few beers is probably much worse.

    - Warren
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    It's only dangerous if you bump your head when you fall down! Otherwise, what Chroot said!
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    If you want to suicide try jump from the 10° floor. A shot in the head is very intersting, but jump maybe more funny.
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    Your correct in thinking you can not die by holding your own breath. It is programmed into our brains to take in a gulp of air. ( fail-safe devise) if you may. Example: your underwater and on the verge of drowning,no matter how long you try to hold your breath, The brains fail-safe will trigger and you will breath thus filling your lungs with water and drowning).
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